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Andrei Sirbu

Place Moldova

Project Singerei Village

Age 11

Gender Male

First Name Andrei

Last Name Sirbu

The parents are deprived of rights. The mother is an alcoholic and does not take care of her children, and the father does not answer, he is not interested in the fate of his children. At the moment, he lives in the temporary placement center Sun Ray for risky situations. Andrei has problems with speech (he finds it difficult to speak, to express himself). He has 3 more sisters, who also stay with him in the same center. His favorite color is dark blue. His favorite animal is the dog. He learns at school quite well and tries, his favorite subject is mathematics. He likes to eat pizza. He has a desire to take a train journey. For himself he would like to be more kind and obedient. One question he would ask God is if He could be forgive for all his mistakes. During leisure time, he likes to play chess. The best day was when he had the maximum grade on his high school exams, it was a Monday. But on a Saturday, it was an ugly, sad, bad day, a day when his mother left him alone in the house and left for Chisinau. Neither was his father with them, but Andrei tried to take care of his younger sisters, cried a lot and went to the mayor's house. An unknown man took care of them, fed them and he brought them to this center.