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Artiom Dedov

Place Moldova

Project Chisinau

Age 17

Gender Male

First Name Artiom

Last Name Dedov

Grade 8

Artiom has a twin sister Valeria Dedov. His mother died in November 2018 because pneumonia. His father refused to take care of him and his twin sister. His parents divorced when he was 3 or 4 years old. Atriom remembers that he saw his father again one more time after divorce. Now his grandmother Liudmila, who is sick (she has cancer), takes care of him and his sister. Artiom and his sister Valeria lives in their flat, which has only one room. Artiom has one uncle, who also does not help them. Artiom studies at 8th grade. He likes school and his favorite subject is Art and Crafts. He likes so much to make something with his hands. He does not know yet what profession he wants to study. Some years ago, he wanted to be a cooker, now he thinks maybe a bloger. His dream is to visit one of the biggest countries, Russia for example. He likes red color. His favorite animal is cat. The happiest day in his life was 2 years ago, when they celebrated his mothers Birthday, they spent that day very interesting. The unhappiest day in his life of course, mothers death. He has problems with his health: hipo teriodite.