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Bogdan Rosca

Place Moldova

Project Soroca Village

Age 15

Gender Male

First Name Bogdan

Last Name Rosca

They live with the grandmother and she helps a little with what she can. They live in a little house, in two small rooms, they made by their own strength a small kitchen and a bathroom out of one of the rooms. Bogdan plays the trombone; this instrument has attracted him since the 3rd grade. When he started studying music at the "Petru Rareș” theoretical school, he liked this instrument. In the 4th grade he went abroad with the music teacher and since then he has started taking lessons at the music school "Eugen Coca". Unfortunately, last year his music teacher retired, and he could not continue his studies at the music school. But his music teacher also teaches at the Soroca art college. He said, "When you finish high school, I will teach you at the art college. Bogdan will continue with music and has all the passion for it.”