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Dominic Borta

Place Moldova

Project Soroca Village

Age 2

Birthday 08/27/2021

Sisters Iana

Brothers Matfei and Radmir

Gender Male

First Name Dominic

Last Name Borta

Dominic lives in Soroca village with his parents, Ana and Dmitri. His father works at a supermarket and his mother is on maternity leave. Dominic has a sister, Iana, and 2 brothers, Matfei and Radmir. Dominic's favorite color is blue. His favorite animal is the horse. Dominic likes to play with his tractor, and he adores music. His favorite day of the year is his birthday. The family rents a house. They recently moved from Cupcini village. Since birth, Dominic has had lung problems and has been in the hospital a lot. Dominic’s favorite food is cereal, even without milk.