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Laurentiu Machidon

Place Moldova

Project Larga Noua Village

Age 13

Birthday 09/30/2010

Sisters Andreea

Brothers Alexandru

Gender Male

First Name Laurentiu

Last Name Machidon

Laurentiu lives in Larga Noua village with his mom, Tatiana, and siblings, Andreea and Alexandru. His father left the family and his mom works in the fields. He lives at his uncle's house with no running water. Laurentiu's favorite subjects in school are IT and sports. His favorite animal is a rabbit because they are fluffy and cute. His hobby is playing football. The saddest day of his life is when he got a bad grade at school. His happiest day of his life was New Year's Eve. Laurentiu's dream is to become a famous footballer. His dream job is to become a famous athlete. Laurentiu's favorite food is pizza.

Birthday: September 30, 2010