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Lilia Siminiuc

Place Moldova

Project Riscani Village

Age 9

Birthday 07/31/2014

Sisters Diana (18), Olea (17), Vica (12), Anghelina (9), Alina (8)

Brothers Igor (14)

Gender Female

First Name Lilia

Last Name Siminiuc

Lilia is the youngest child in her family. She lives only with mother and her sublings. People in their church help them with food. Lilia goes to the kindergarten. Her favorite color is yellow. Her favorite animal is cat. At her free time she likes riding the bike and to play outdoors. Lilia does not like rainy days because she has to stay inside. Her family lives in a small house. In winter they live in two rooms but in summer they can live in three rooms. There is no bathroom in their house.