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Valeria Cernei

Place Moldova

Project Rujnita Village

Age 9

Birthday 07/10/2014

Brothers Valeria has 3 brothers Alexandr, Maxim and Matvei.

Gender Female

First Name Valeria

Last Name Cernei

Valeria lives in Rujnita village with her parents, Alla and Fiodor. Valeria has 3 brothers: Alexandr, Maxim and Matvei. Valeria's favorite color is purple. Her favorite subject at school is PE, and her favorite animal is the goat. In her free time, she likes to ride her bicycle. Her favorite day of the year is her birthday. Her least favorite days are Mondays.  In the future, Valeria wants to become a doctor. Her family lives in a house without any water. Her favorite food is sweets.